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 AIM Beginner's Slide Set (set of 6)  

 AIM Gland Types (set of 6)  

 AIM Mosquito Life History Prepared Slide  

 AIM Student Compound Microscope  

 AIM Beginner’s General Slides (Set of 12)  

 AIM Cover Slips Glass 18x18mm Square (box of 20 pkts)  

 AIM Amoeba Proteus Prepared Slide  

 AIM Spatula 150 mm stainless steel (pack of 10)  

 AIM Animal Tissue Slide (set of 12)  

 AIM Circulatory System Slides (set of 6)  

 AIM Mitosis Onion Root Tip Slides Set -Set of 5  

 AIM Microscope Slides 75 mm x 25 mm (pack of 100 slides)  

 AIM Cover Slips Glass 22 mm Round (Box of 10 pkt)  

 AIM Microscope Slides Frosted 75 x 25 mm (pack of 100)  

 AIM Muscle Types Prepared Slide -Set of 5  

 AIM Diffraction Grating 3 in 1  

 AIM Electromagnet U shape 75mm  

 AIM Joule's Calorimeter Copper Electrical  


 AIM Bug Viewer (pack of 2)  

 AIM Electromagnet U shape 100mm  

 AIM Beginerís Zoology Slides (Set of 12)  

 AIM Meiosis Slide Set (Onion Bud)  

 AIM Histology Slides -Set of 25  

 AIM Pisces Slides (set of 5)  

 AIM Bacteria Slides (Set of 6)  

 AIM Lymphatic Tissue Slides (Set of 5)  

 AIM Platyhelminthes Slides (set of 6)  

 AIM Digestive System Slide (Set of 12)  

 AIM House Fly & Honey Bee Slide (set of 6)  

 AIM Leaf Structure Dicot Slides (set of 6)  

 AIM Insects Mount Prepared Slide - A (set of 6)  

 AIM Round Worm Nematodes Slide (set of 6)  

 AIM Insects Mount Prepared Slide - B (set of 6)  

 AIM Pollen Grain Germinating Prepared Slides (pack of 5)  

 AIM Plant Tissue Slide (set of 12)  

 AIM Beginnerís Protozoan Prepared Slide (Set of 6)  

 AIM Flower Placentation Prepared Slides (set of 5)  

 AIM Animal Cell/Cheek Cell Prepared Slide (Box of 25)  

 AIM Fresh Water Algae Prepared Slide Set  

 AIM Young's Double Slit Adjustable  

 AIM Plant Cell (Onion Peel) Prepared Slide (Box of 25)  

 AIM Fungi Prepared Slide (set of 6)  

 AIM Young's Single Slit Adjustable  

 AIM Test Tube Holder Brass (Pack of 5)  

 AIM Diffraction Grating 15000 LPI  

 AIM Nichrome Loop Holder Inoculating Loop (pack of 2)  

 AIM Test Tube 15 mm x 125 mm Heat Resistant (Pack of 10)  

 pH Indicator Papers Wide Range (pH 1.0 To 14.0)- 10 books of 20 lvs  

 AIM Equilateral Glass Prism 50mm  

 AIM Platinum Wire (embedded in glass tube)  

 AIM Hollow Glass Slab Rectangular 75x50x18 mm with stopper  

 AIM Hollow Glass Prism 38 mm with stopper  

 AIM Plain Slides 75 mm x 25 mm (Pack of 300 slides)  

 AIM Microscope Slides 75 mm x 25 mm (pack of 100 slides)  

 AIM Parasitology Slide (set of 12)  

 AIM Anopheles Mosquito Slide (set of 5)  

 AIM Droppers 150 mm Glass (pack of 10)  

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